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Mr. CPU : Know your android !


CPU Z lets you know you android from top level to bottom level with each & every details. This app shows all the software & hardware capabilities of your smartphone or tablet. CPU Z lets you understand each & every technical information in detail. If you didn't understand any technical term, tap on it to know its additional information.CPU Z contains the following features:
1. CPU:-Displays the detailed information of percentage of Time CPU run in which Frequency state?-CPU Modes, Cores, Speed, Load, Instruction set, governor, id, host, bootloader, baseband, kernel, etc.,
2. SYSTEM:-Brand, model, hardware, id, resolution, screen density, OS, RAM, etc in detail !
3. Network:-All connection related information of Wi-Fi or mobile data is displayed.
4. Battery:- Complete Battery state, technology, temperature, etc are shown.
5. SENSORS:-Total number of sensors in your device may vary with different android models. Number of sensors found in your device are shown, with current working state & values.
6. CAMERA:Discover the features of your camera that you never knew about. Many people rely only on MP(Mega Pixels) for quality, the world of camera in your device is much more than that !
7. FLASHLIGHT:Available many different colors for ScreenLight with a Flashlight. Flashlight can also be operated from widget.
8. COMPASS:Inbuilt compass if you need.
9. MAGNETOMETER:Magnet detector to detect magnetic field(flux) around.
10. WIDGET:CPU Z have a widget that shows live RAM & Battery Status. Using widget you can also clean RAM & it also consists with a handy flashlight
CPU Z also tracks past Battery level, Temperature, Voltage & Data Usage with an easy understandable graphical format.
A completely FREE App.
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